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Squeeze Ninja

Squeeze Ninja

Squeeze Ninja

The New Squeeze Ninja Creation Software Provided by MemberSpeed. Okay first off, I want to get something off my chest before you continue reading… I really hate reviewing squeeze page (or any page) creation software for that matter. Like you, I consider my time valuable, so learning a new software application that I will probably never use, just gets me in a pissed off mood. Most of them don’t do half of what promotional material promises, but I will still need to spend hours of my precious life to find that out, so I can review them. I wouldn’t have even tested this software out, if it had not been for the recommendation of an online marketing comrade, whom I respect more for his judgment in products than my own judgment, in personal matters. Therefore, if you consider my attitude at the start, you’ll understand why I was ready with my stop-watch to document the entire process so I could write my scathing review post and get back to doing something more enjoyable like getting a root canal. So, after lunch at exactly 1:05 in the afternoon, I entered my PayPal information, checked my email, and logged into the Squeeze Ninja site, per the instructions.

The Squeeze Ninja sign up process was replete with corny Ninja jokes, which had me chuckling despite my aforementioned attitude but for all their attempts to distract me, I kept my timer going, if nothing but for journalistic integrity. Surely the next part, would be excruciatingly long, confusing, and probably both. Instead, I was greeted with an introduction video and a link to download the software. While I began to download the software to my PC, I started the introduction video, which only lasted 8 minutes and ten seconds, the moderator was clear and concise, and he explained step-by-step how to upload the files I had received to my own server using Filezilla. He also explained how to get the open source .ftp upload software if you didn’t already have it. Because I already had a copy of Filezilla on my laptop, I was able to turn around and have the Squeeze Ninja files uploaded to my website in time to follow along with his software registration and customization instructions, which completed this introduction video.

I suppose I could have dragged out the process by stopping my timer deleting my copy of Filezilla and following his instructions but I was in a hurry to get to the part where I could show you how the software didn’t work as described. All totaled then for those of you keeping track by quarter after one I had my copy of Squeeze Ninja online, registered and “conceivably” ready to go. Ahead of me still were three more videos but as I clicked on them and followed the step-by-step instructions including the times I paused them to catch up, I was able to create a my first squeeze page in less than forty five minutes.
SQUEEZE NINJA is ready!!!

At 1:58 I was testing my first squeeze page …by entering one of my garbage email addresses, had received confirmation to the new list, and was downloading my thank-you gift. All totaled, it took me less than one hour to build the first working squeeze page! It worked, I was dumb founded! My first Squeeze Page!
The last squeeze page I had made took me over six hours to create, meaning even with this being the first time ever using Squeeze Ninja, I still was able to shave off five hours from my previous record! This software might possibly change my mind about page creation software forever! But my test was not complete; the sales page said I should be able to complete a squeeze page in less than three minutes so knowing how it worked, I set about putting it to the test.
So I set my timer back to zero and clicked the “Create New Site” button and shouted GO! (Despite the fact, I was alone in my office and no one could hear me.) This time, I was held up at my autoresponders website creating a new list, which took me a few minutes because I couldn’t remember my login. This may or may not be fair to include in my official time. However, I have no way of separating it accurately from the final results.
That said I concluded my second squeeze page using Squeeze Ninja in a respectable 10 minutes and twenty-two seconds! Having created twice as many squeeze pages in one day than I had ever accomplished before, I declared my test of Squeeze Ninja an overwhelming success! I’m spending the remainder of the day writing this blog post and then it’s off to celebrate getting more work done today than I ever thought possible. Doing loads more squeeze pages. All thanks to Squeeze Ninja

Check out this awesome Software HERE

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